Friday, 10 January 2014

Fluffy Prickly Pear Sandwich

Happy Friday peeps - it's the weekend whoop whoop! Hope you've got some fun plans? I'm off house-hunting - yep, fiancee and I are jamming all the possible stress inducing things we can think of into 2014; a wedding in August and now a house-move. Still, house-hunting is exciting, methinks. Although I'm worried I'll fall for lots of houses that I can't really afford and have a bit of a paddy!

To sooth my house-hunting nerves I shall be rocking my current favourite polish - it's busted its way into the top 10, dun dun dun. And it cost me £3. Bliss. The name of this new love - Fluffy, by Claire's. A white matt glitter polish in a clear base; large, meduim and small hexes with bars thrown in for good measure. 

I've used it here over Prickly Pear by Barry M - the stunning lilac with the white over the top creates a subtle yet pretty effect, well, I think so anyway.


 (ps - please excuse the dreadful pictures - I have a new camera and we're not getting on - it seems to want to take pictures that resemble those awful soft-focus 80's glamour shots, and I'm refusing to play game, but losing......:( There's no bottle shot of Fluffy as it was just too.....well, crap!)

I almost feel like there should be some naff jazz playing whilst you look at these blurred pictures....or maybe jazz flute......anyway, I'm sure you'll agree that Fluffy is awesome (and I'm so glad that Claire's have started naming their polishes properly). I loved it so much that after this I tried it with a different combo - this time in a jelly sandwich! This will make me smile all weekend, I'm never taking it off! 


Sadly, my camera decided that, no, it would NOT capture the stunning neon pink of the Barry M Summer Special Edition jelly, nor would it focus on anything I wanted. &*%$£"£U!!!

This is 2 layers of pink polish, with 1 of Fluffy, then pink again, then more Fluffy for luck:) So I shall enjoy my Fluffy sandwich this weekend, hope you have a great time too xxx


  1. I NEED this topper! I've been looking for a good white one for a while now, but I hardly ever pass by a Claire's. The Jelly Sandwich looks particularly amazing!

  2. Gorgeous! I really love it in a jelly sandwich! x

  3. The gelly sammich adds an amazing effect :D