Saturday, 22 February 2014

Claires Holographic over my first franken-polish:)

To make you forget the horror of my previous post, here is a real stunner:)

Now, I know there are lots of talented people out there making very unique nail polishes. And there are those who have the ability to make some amazing frankens. And then...........there is me! 


Lol. A bit too much of a build up? Yes, but I do love this grey. I've found that Barry M Matt White goes gloopy faster than most of my other polishes and so, rather than chuck it again, I mixed a
bit of some random black polish with it and made my first franken. Not exactly hard, but somewhat satisfying to be able to make exactly the shade you need (I needed a particular shade as part of an ombre mani) or want. 

Anyway, I knew this would be the perfect base coat for a newbie of mine, Claire's Silver holographic. It's soooooooooooooooo pretty, I couldn't stop looking at my nails when this was on, it's just lush. Just look at it! 




In bright light the holographic doesn't seem that amazing, but in! 


The great thing about this polish is that you could wear it over most colours - this is three coats and you can still the base coat. The possibilities with this holo are endless:) 


  1. I love these type of holos. Subtle colour, scattered holo - perfect combination, really!

  2. I agree - and I do love anything shiny; I'm like a magpie:)