Saturday, 1 March 2014

Boots Seventeen Charm Bracelet swatch

Wow- anyone else been staggered by the amount of sunshine that's suddenly arrived out of the wintery darkness? About blooming time I say:) I was worrying I'd get rickets!

So, Seventeen isn't a brand that I've used before, but I had a little splurge the other day and found this cutie; a textured old gold polish. I have to say I really loved it, which surprised me as I'm really not a huge fan of textured polish.

It's very thick - this is two coats and it's bumpy bumpy bumpy. Even after three coats of top coat it was still rough as sand paper, so don't think you can shine this bad boy up:) The colour is an odd mix; fine silvery gold glitter with larger yellow gold chunks thrown in - they catch the light nicely and give this a really lovely effect. This is a winner!



Good for Seventeen:)

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