Monday, 5 January 2015

A little bit of craftiness - cross-stitching penguins!

Oh dear - turns out I finished these two weeks too late!

I had planned on finishing these before Christmas so that I could put them up on my Christmas tree, but then I put them to one side....and then totally forgot about them! Doh! 

Still, I figure I'm early for Christmas 2016:) 

As usual, these were inspired by Pinterest (the God of crafting lol) and I'm so pleased with them, they were pretty simple tbh, but still! They have induced a severe case of cross-stitching, so expect to see a lot more asap. 


  1. They are adorable! I love cross-stitch too although I definitely go through phases of all my different crafts - haven't had a cross-stitch phase for a little while though so I'm expecting the urge to take over soon!!

    1. Lol - I'm the same, one minute I'm all about knitting, then cross-stitching, then doodling - but that's the great thing about craft. It's relatively cheap, easy and you get a warm fuzzy feeling lol (also, you can do it in the warmth, massive appeal this time of year!) x