Saturday, 6 October 2012

All that glitters.....

Ahhhhh it's finally Saturday:) It's been a crazy week, a blink and miss it sort of thing! I barely had time to use my new polishes. I had to go with some fairly simple manicures, as there was no time for any art. Anyway, I was dying to use my new Barry M polish, Yellow Topaz Glitter, so I layered it over my favourite colour ever, Barry M Cobalt. 

As you can see, it's full of small gold glitter flecks, large gold hexagons and some holographic hexagons. Oddly, I wasn't massively keen on this manicure. It was a bit too reminiscent of the 90's nail art days - so it made me feel horribly old lol! I also really wished that this polish just had the gold glitter, I don't feel it needed the holographic bits. But, over a slightly different polish I'm still convinced it will show it's true awesomeness. I have to say it is amazingly glossy - very shiny shiny shiny:)

My next mini mani was my new jelly by Barry M, Watermelon. It's gorgeous, so easy to apply and so glossy. I'm not sure it's a true jelly to be honest, but I don't care, it's stunnig. The picture below is without topcoat and after 3 days wear:) Epic! On my little finger is my other new glitter by Barry M, Amethyst Glitter. It's full of pale blue, silver, red and pink glitter, really stunning. It's only problem is that it clumps like crazy, so careful application is needed.

Have a great weekend peeps! 


  1. I know, it's quite addictive, so many colours:) The magpie in me is incredibly happy!

  2. Amethyst Glitter looks stunning! Sad that it's so clumpy, but I think it's prettiness more than makes up for it haha