Thursday, 11 October 2012

Black pointy claws!

Heh heh, no, not my little kitty cat's claws. My own. I'm off to a wedding this weekend and have a gorgeous cream and black lace dress to wear. My only issue with this dress is that for some reason it's crazy hard to get a polish that compliments it. To be honest, it's hard to find a polish that doesn't look downright odd with it! 

However, my new Nude Beige from Models Own has come to the rescue! Paired with my trusty Maybelline Onyx Black, I've found something I'm really, really pleased with:) 

 And for you lovely lot, gratuitous kitty photo! 

Boo wasn't in the mood to be papped, but Monty was as keen as ever. Btw, awesome story: I've had my cats for a few years, before I met my wonderful bf. He has always looked after them well, and has slowly grown to love them, despite protesting this fact when they run around his feet and trying to trip him up. But this morning, I found out how much they'd grown on him. I came downstairs, leaving for work, and bf was eating his brekkie at the table. Next to him was Monty, with his own  bowl of milk. Apparently, bf and Monty regularly breakfast together! Wow!


  1. KITTEHS! They're so cuuuuute <3
    I've just moved back to uni but my housemate and I have already made friends with the cat who lives next door - we've christened him Mr Fleas.

    Nails look beautiful, as always :)

  2. lol - ah bless, Mr Fleas sounds ......itchy:) Hope you're having fun at uni, very jealous!

  3. These are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you, I really liked them, really easy as well - love scotch tape:)