Sunday, 14 October 2012

Corset nails:)

Finally, an evening to myself where I could experiment with something new:) Last night I sat on my sofa (I know, Saturday night on the sofa, I'm so cool, but in fairness I was still hanging from a wedding the night before!) and spent ages on the internet searching various blogs and ideas for something new. I really wanted to use my new Purple Imperial from Models Own and my Wah/Models Own gold nail art pen. After much searching, I hit upon the idea of corset nails. I'm pretty pleased with the results, although my hand wasn't quite steady enough on the laces. But glad I finally got time to try something new and push myself a little bit.

I used my favourite pink for the base, Rose Poudre by Maybelline - it's all kinds of awesome! 

A word on the purple. The word is - bubbly! Another Models Own polish that bubbles regardless of layer thickness/drying time. It's incredibly annoying. I'm wondering if it's the colour purple as my other purple bubbled terribly as well, but maybe that's a bit mad. Any ideas peeps? 


  1. I love this! great job! I'm gonna have to try this out soon especially for halloween!

  2. Thank you, ooooh yes, it would work well for Halloween - very Morticia Adams!

  3. Cheers, they're not too hard either, although better if you have steady hands, unlike me; I'm still shaky after a Friday night drinky drink:)