Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bits and bobs, and the worst polish EVER!

Urghhh, I'm hanging, went out last night and drank a little bit too much. Which would have been fine if I'd then been able to sleep, eat carbs and nap throughout the day whilst watching crappy TV, but sadly I was forced by bf to go to his niece's Christening, which was jam packed full of wailing babies and screeching toddlers. Urgh. It was a bucket of cold water over my ovaries, I can tell you!

Anyway, enough whining, looking through my photos I realised that I has several random swatches that I hadn't posted, so here's a few of those bad boys for your viewing pleasure.

This lovely duck egg blue is part of an Accessorize multi pack on sale in Superdrug. This was the one that convinced me to be honest, there were some nice pinks on the pack as well (9 polishes altogether) and some nice looking glitters, but this sold it to me. Considering the tiny size of the bottle, the brush was fine and the quality was the normal Accessorize quality. This is two coats, tbh it probably needed 3, but I really loved this colour. Think it will be more of a summer polish, but couldn't resist trying:) Boo seemed to like it too!

This was another polish from the multi pack. It is EVIL! It looked so promising, full of small and large pieces of green glitter. There I was thinking, brill, another Christmassy polish to keep December sparkly and shiny. So I popped it on for a sneak preview......argh! Good grief, it was dreadful. It clumped, the brush was dreadful and removing it..............................I'm still trying to removed green glitter from my cuticles:( Awful. 

Thankfully this is a very good polish. I'm actually in love with this polish. I only bought it as part of a 3 for 2 offer in Boots, it caught my eye and tbh I wasn't sure at first. I liked it, but I thought it might be a bit old ladyish, or one of those dreadful sheer things that need 453 coats just to get a bit of coverage. But once it was on my nails - love at first sight. This is only two coats, it's a really gorgeous colour and I feel it will be featuring regularly on my nails. It's my first Max Factor polish  but after this I'll be keeping an eye on their new colours. 

And this is just a flipping cute photo. Monty (left) and Boo (right) posing for a photo:)



  1. Oh my goodness your cats are so cute! I want to hug them <3 And full sympathy for having to attend the christening - I can't stand babies/children so having to be in a church full of them for any length of them probably would have resulted in me punching several people :P

  2. It was close, but I restrained myself - although I may have glared at various screamers! :) Yeah the kits are pretty awesome, daft as brushes mind!