Friday, 16 November 2012

Children in Need nails and kitty crimes!

Hi de hi peeps, hope you've had a good weekend and are looking forward to an awesome weekend?

My workplace get's very into Children in Need, so I spent today working in my pyjamas, laughing at my equally oddly clad collegues - it's very odd when you have to talk to someone about something serious, and they're wearing a onesy! 

Anyway, I thought my nails should look as ridiculous as the rest of me, so voila! Based on Pudsey's bandanna  I'm pretty pleased with them, I even managed to relax enough to do random dots, rather than strictly lined ones:) 

I finally found a use for a lovely creamy colour by Nails Inc, called Old Queen Street. It's got a lovely golden shimmer throughout it, but is a bit of a mare to wear - this is 4 coats to achieve opacity, it would probably work great as part of a traditional French manicure though, and does dry quickly.  The dots are various Barry M colours, applied with the end of a kirby grip (still not got around to buying a dotting tool!)


You haven't had any gratuitous kitty photos for a while, so I thought I'd treat you with a shocking expose of Monty's secret guilty pleasure - stealing MY water!

Contemplating the crime....
Attempting the crime.....
Commiting the crime!


  1. Awwww, kitty was just thirsty :P

    Lovely nails, instantly recognisable as Pudsey colours!

  2. He's a little toerag, if I leave any water around it's a goner!