Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cake, polish, sushi - epic weekend!

Hi de hi peeps, I hope you've had a lovely weekend, I certainly have:) I think this Saturday was one of the best I've had for ages. And it went a little something like this....

I spent yesterday mooching, something I rarely get to do. After a bit of Saturday Morning Kitchen and coffee (the reasons I wake up on a Saturday!) I decided to try out a manicure I've had at the back of my mind for ages. I've been wanting to use my Barry M Red Glitter again for ages (it's such a gorgeous polish, one of the first I bought when my obsession with polish started). However, I fancied something quite subtle. I ummed and ahhhed for ages, and then came up with this design. I love it! 

It took a while, simply because it took so long to place the striping tape, and it ate topcoat like you can't believe (you can see how it's still pretty bumpy if you look closely) but I really luuurve this manicure. If I'm honest, this was a prototype Christmas manicure, I'll definitely be rocking this again in December (I love Christmas, I'm already looking forward to it!). I love it so much I'm still wearing it, and will be for the next couple of days.

Anyway, after that, bf and I wandered into Birmingham City Centre. Which is where I accidently fell off the polish a big way!
Hello Kitty Respect, MO Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Boogie Nights, Barry M Ruby Glitter.
N.b Please excuse the rubbish photo, there is now no natural light, so I'm trying to find places in my house that are light enough. I failed here, but had to give up as I had to nip out. then I gave up. So, actually short version - sorry the pics are rubbish, I'm lazy!

The Hello Kitty polish was in Superdrug. I only nipped in for shampoo, but when this caught my eye.....tbh, I'm proud that I only bought one HK polish, I love HK and could happily have bought the whole collection! I then nipped into Boots (honestly, I was just looking for conditioner) and found the MO and Barry M lovelies. I couldn't help it, they're glitter - I have no will power when it comes to glitter:(  

So after totally breaking my vow to not buy polishes, bf and I then headed to my favourite restaurant, a sushi bar with a conveyor belt. I love how the food slowly passes by you so that you can decide what you want at your own pace. Although I hate it when I miss out on something I want and have to sit there, waiting for it to come back around lol! Thankfully, my cat like reflexes (lol) worked and I gorged myself on delicious bits and bobs.

And after I'd eaten a belly full of sushi and waddled away from the conveyor belt, my day continued to be brilliant; when I nipped into the shops on the way back for yummy Saturday night wine, what did I find......why, Glamour magazine were giving away Nails Inc polishes! Amazeballs!

Today has been a little bit lazier, but still pretty lovely. Bf made banana loaf (the photo above shows what is left now, let's just say it was dam good!) It inspired me to get baking as well. Every year I make Christmas cake for my family, this year I'm making some for friends and bf's family too, so I decided to start early! Below is the beginning of 5 epic cakes - fruit and glace cherries soaking in orange juice and's gonna be flipping brill!

Have a good week peeps! I'll be posting some very glittery swatches as soon as I can take off my red stripes:)


  1. Ahh so lovely! Barry M Red Glitter was one of the first polishes I got too when I was starting out my obsession - I wore it to my Year 13 school prom! Looks like you had an amazing weekend, and you'd best share pictures of that cake when it's finished because it already sounds delicious!

  2. lol - I will if there's fruit left to make it with, I've been 'sampling' the fruit all day!