Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Geometric nails with nudey bits!

So yesterday was AWESOME! Got up as usual, cursing my alarm clock, got showered and dressed, staggered to work and then.................our heating had gone so we had to go home! Just like a dream:) 

So I headed home (devastated, of course, by the idea of being able to nap and eat cheese all day - heh heh heh) and decided to try something new with my nails. My recent history has mainly involved glitter/tape/glitter and tape so after a bit of Pinteresting (my new thing!) I found a colour combination I loved - coral, baby blue, white and gold and decided to have a go at something a bit geometric.

The original design I found was a bit more abstract than this, but regular followers will know that I struggle with abstract and like order!

I've always been shy of showing any of my naked nail, but after several attempts at this manicure with nude/pink colours at the base, and it looking a bit weird, it seemed I would have to bite the bullet. And surprisingly  it didn't make me want to cry. In fact, I kind of liked it!  

I used Matt White, Gold Foil Effect and Blueberry Ice Cream by Barry M, and Coraliscious by Accessorize. I used very skinny striping tape to outline the blue and coral areas, as I don't have proper brushes for that sort of thing. The gold, glitter and black stripes were free hand (and amazingly, both hands were okish, despite the freehanding!). I'm pretty chuffed with these and also pleased that my naked nail base didn't seem to scare anyone too much!

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week - make sure you wear sunnies next time you log on here, the Models Own glitters are being swatched as we speak, and boy do they shine! 


  1. Ooh, lovely! I keep meaning to have a go at a design with nude nail bits in, you make it look awesome :)

  2. Thanks muchly:) It was a bit nerve racking, but worth it in the end. Go for it :)