Thursday, 24 January 2013

I tort I saw a puddy cat! Tweety Pie nail polish swatch:)

Oh my goodness; how have I had this polish in my collection for so long and not used it?! 

So last year lovely bf took me on holiday to Italy. Whilst I was there I nipped into a cheapo shop for a few bits and bobs and found this bad boy for 1euro! There were loads of Tweety polishes, and having tried this polish I'm totally gutted I didn't buy more:(


This is a really unique colour; it's almost neon pink in daylight, something my camera couldn't cope with. In other lights it has a reddish quality, as shown above, but it also has a blue shimmer to it. In the bottle it looks like it has silver glitter in it, but this doesn't really show on the nail - which in my opinion is good! 

The application was good - the brush is very long, which works well for me, it's got a good consistentsy and goes on nicely. It did take a while to dry; I got a bit impatient, and you can see some bubbling. My fault, not the polishes. 

I'm annoyed at myself for throwing away the box this came in, as it had the name on. If you go to Italy, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for these polishes, and if you figure out the name for this one, PLEASE tell me - I can't stand my polishes not having names:( 

Almost Friday! Yay! 


  1. Wow! I love this colour! It'll be perfect for summer! So vibrant!

    1. thanks, just need summer to hurry up and get here:)