Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Purple mosaic nail art

So it turns out that a hangover can be good for you!

Yesterday it was all I could do to lie on the sofa, eating cheese and getting back up to date with the amazing blogs that I follow and love. Whilst reading new and old posts on one of my favourite, The Crumpet, I came across an article about her love of purple. This made the cogs in my brain turn, and formed an internal monologue something like this;

"hmmmmmmmmm purple, so many wonderful purples, I like purple too. I should do a purple manicure. Ok, come on, get up, to the polish cupboard, I'm sure I'll find a couple of purple polishes somewhere. Oh %^&$ - I've got 12 purple polishes! Argggggggh. Actually, wait. Brilliant - I've got 12 purple polishes. Good for me. I will use them all. Wooooohahahahahahahaaaaaaa"

Like I said, I was hungover. But my desire to use my purples led to me trying something new. And it's abstract! Wow:)



And these are the polishes that created this mani. 6 out of the 12 made the grade. From left to right, my trusty Models Own nail art pen in gold, then Imperial Purple, Purple Passion, Berry Ice-Cream, Bright Purple, Blackberry and Beat Box.

A small whinge, if I may. If you look closely on at the photos, you'll notice that there are patches where the polish is very bubbly. Bubbly enough to bother me severely. Those were the Models Own polishes. Note none of the Barry M polishes bubbled, neither did the Hello Kitty polish. Also note; Models Own polishes retail at £5 per bottle, Barry M ones at £2.99. Hmmmmmmmmm. That's all I'm going to say. 


  1. Ooooh, love it! Surely this must have been difficult for you to avoid your usual symmetry and love of straight lines? :P

  2. He he he, to be honest I was so hanging that I'm not sure I could have managed straight lines:)

  3. Oh wow, this must have taken some patience! I don't know if I could manage doing this hungover. Lol

    1. It wasn't actually too bad, just a bit of blobbing polish here and there - although the lines took a while, not aided by the hangingness lol:)