Monday, 14 January 2013

Splatter nails and Accessorize Pink Spice confusion

Buenos dias amigos. I hope you've all had a good Monday. Did you get much snow? I had to scrape 3 inches off my car! As mentioned yesterday, I attempted splatter nails for the first time ever this weekend. I was feeling like I was just swatching, and checking through my last few posts, turned out I was thinking right. So I knew I needed to push myself a wee bit. And boy did this push me!

Don't get me wrong - the actual process is fairly simple (I found a really useful tutorial here) but the clean up! Oh the clean up:( All the tutorials and blogs I looked at recommended putting tape around your nails first to stop getting polish everywhere. But did I listen? Nope. Oh my godness, peeps, I have learnt to listen to those wiser than me. The pictures below show the results after 3 rounds of clean up!

Round 1 - cleaning the polish off my hands with cotton wool and polish remover. Didn't work well, still have golden knuckles.

Round 2 - using a cotton bud soaked in polish remover to try and get the bits near my nails that were covered in black. Didn't really work, just smudged things.

Round 3 - clean up brush to clean cuticles. Limited success.

Ah well, here they are.


I think next time I'll try using a thinner straw, and maybe thin down the polish a bit to make it easier to SPLAT! But I have to say, I'm a bit proud of these. I get so little time to sit down and really do nail art as opposed to swatches, and I'm happy to have tried a new techniques.



I do wish  mine were at good at these by Alexis at Glitter Tips though, the girls got a gift! 

These were the splats so to speak:) From left to right; Barry M Grey and Black, Nails Inc Old Queen Street, Models Own Gold Rush. 

And now for the confusion..........

The base for this mani is Accessorize Pink Spice, shown below. It's a creamy pale pink with a golden shimmer running through it, which translated well from bottle to nail. It had a good application, drying quickly. But..............




..........if you Google Accessorize Pink Spice, you get a totally different colour to the one shown above. It was actually a hugely popular polish a while ago, as it was believed to be a dupe for Mac's Bad Fairy. Here are links to swatches of the 'old' Pink Spice at Lucys Stash and Nailxchange, so you can see what I mean. Odd, very odd. I can't imagine that Accessorize are so hard up for names that they're reusing old ones. Anyone know what's going on here? I'd love to know, cos I'm nosy like that:)

Anyway, toodles for now peeps, speak soon.


  1. It might be that it was incorrectly labelled or that they changed their minds about the name. It happened with Barry M Gelly polish. At first, they labelled what is now Plum (a purple colour) as Blackberry and what is now Blackberry (deep blue) was called Blue Plum.

  2. Ahhhh - thank you Claire, it was bugging me. I did wonder if they had labelled in incorrectly, I just can't imagine they would reuse a name of a polish that was clearly such a best seller for them. I'm on a mission now to find the original Pink Spice:)

  3. I just got Pink Spice from Accessorize based on the photo on their website, which is the Mac Bad Fairy dupe colour - when it came it's the wierd peptobismol shade you have! It looks horrific on me... So disappointed and can't believe they are still selling it with a totally inaccurate picture of the product. I woulnd't have bought it if I had known :/

    1. I know, it's just so odd isn't it, why have two polishes with the same name, they're not fooling anyone! Grrrr to Accessorize:)