Sunday, 13 January 2013

Swatch - Scandalous by Revlon

Hola amigos! I'm practising my Spanish as bf and I have been booking our flights to sunny Peru and Argentina! No tengo dinero ahora, pero soy feliz! (Roughly translated as, "I have no money now but I am happy" lol).

This post was supposed to be showcasing my first attempt at splatter nails, however I was foolish enough to not prep my nails with tape to save on clean up, and am still trying to get black polish off my until I've finished you can't look, it's too ugly lol:)

So to tide you over until operation clean up is finished (estimated time, 2016!) here is a little swatch from one of my untrieds. Shockingly, I've had these photos in my pictures for ages, I just totally forgot about them. Anyhoo;


This is a black jelly-like base jam packed with purple hex glitter, as well as tiny purple specks of glitter. I didn't need to fish for the glitter or place the glitter, it went on easily and evenly.


I was pretty impressed with this polish. I wasn't sure whether it would be opaque or not, as the  base is quite sheer, however it built up easily. This is 3 coats. I loved the depth of colour it gave and this got lots of compliments. It did need plenty of topcoat though; I think the shiner it is the more it shows of the awesomeness of this polish. I love this polish and can't believe I forgot about it!


Enjoy the week ahead peeps. Adios!

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