Thursday, 10 January 2013

Swatch - unnamed Models Own goldy greeny gorgeousness!

Happy Thursday peeps!

After a very good nights sleep and much looking after by my wonderful bf, I'm feeling normal again - wooohoo! I'm in the process of piling glitter onto my nails to celebrate:) So while my glittery project is in process here's a little swatch for you lovely peeps:)

For those of you who couldn't resist immediately spending your Christmas money on polish, you may have been as desperate cool as I was, and hit the shops on Boxing day:) Bf was not happy, in fact I only managed to get him to the shops by pretending I needed urgent girlie things (always unspecified, seems more urgent that way) and then headed straight to the Models Own stand.....the game was up! But my mini haul did compensate for bf's grumpiness. One of the lovely shiny things I picked up was this polish, as part of a free gift when I bought two other MO polishes (this polish came in a pack with a black nail art pen, so a total BARGAIN). 


When I looked at this in the bottle I thought it might be a bit garish, but honestly, the second it was on my nails I loved it! 


I did think that when I put this on it might be a one coater (you know sometimes you just have that impression), but alas, alack, twas not so. However, 2 - 3 coats is fine with me really, and it went on easily, smoothly and dried incredibly quickly. 


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep - love:) 


Sadly this is unnamed (why, why, why?!) I haven't seen this polish in their normal collection, and as it doesn't have a name maybe it's only a freebie polish? Maybe it's one they'll bring out into their main collection soon. I have no idea. But I really hope they do - and I really hope they give it a name, it deserves it! 

Have a great Friday peeps - it almost the WEEKEND! 

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