Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hello Kitty Beat Box and Claire's glitter topper

G'day peeps, hope you're well, anyone else gutted that the sun seems to be hiding again?

As mentioned, I've been on my holidays, and this has afforded me plenty of time to pick up some new polishes. I nipped into Claire's again and found some amazing glitters, and even better they were 3 for 2 - and only £2.50 each! Happy days:)

So here's one of them, an unnamed glitter topper; a clear base filled with lilac hexes and tiny blue specks of glitter. I've placed it over a lovely polish by Hello Kitty, with the odd name of Beat Box (totally 90's-tastic!). Can you believe this has been in my untried tub for a couple of months? I got it from my secret Santa at work, it's gorgeous, a really creamy lilac with great application. 




The Claire's polish went on easily, as with most polishes of this kind, the larger pieces needed some placing, but generally it was quick and easy. My only complaint with these polishes? No names! WHY? For some reason it really bugs me, it's like they don't care lol! 


  1. Woweee, love this combo! I really need to get myself to Claire's!

  2. It's amazing, they have so much stuff I want; glitters, stickers, decals........and so much Hello Kitty stuff, I wish I was 9 again:)