Monday, 11 March 2013

Swatch - Nail Pop Kimono

Bluergh - blooming Monday. A lovely swatch will help me feel better:) Here's Kimono, a gorgeous green duochrome by Nail Pop. I'm afraid I covered these swatches with my old, evil topcoat which didn't harden properly, leaving me with evil scratches all over my lovely polish:( Hopefully the amazing colour will distract you? 



Kimono is a stunning golden/bronzy/green - it turns from lime green to jade to bronze to golden green and back again - beautiful. My camera went into meltdown taking these pictures, I took hundreds to try and capture the different colours; close, but no cigar! 

I got so many compliments wearing this colour, I think I'll be rocking this again soon - an ideal colour for March 17th maybe?


  1. i love nail pops! i only have one, but this colour is so pretty!

  2. Oh me too, they've been my best find this year - although I only ever get them when they're half price lol:)