Sunday, 16 June 2013

Barry M Special Edition Neon Pink Swatch

Happy Sunday peeps:) Hope you've all been enjoying your weekend? I certainly have; I headed to Donnington Park yesterday for Download, and watched Motorhead and Iron Maiden. Tbf, they aren't usually my cuppa, but bf treated me and it was pretty awesome. Muchos beer was consumed, so today I've been lazing, nibbling and painting my nails. A real treat:)

I decided I wanted something nice and summery for my rock festival look, so used my new Barry M Special Edition polish in pink. Ooooooh it's lush! I painted it straight on my nails, but it was a bit rubbish tbh. Then I painted it over white...........................................eeeeep! Amazeballs!


I rarely love a polish enough to not want to cover it with nail art, but this was special. A real neon pink, luminous in it's brightness! 

My camera couldn't cope, so this isn't the best representation of it, but it does give you some idea of how bright it is. It definitely needs the white underneath, but it dries quickly and is super stunning. Another winner from Barry:) 

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