Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cath Kidson nails

So today hasn't been the greatest; more cat related drama I'm afraid!

I woke up to see that poor Smokey had what looked like a large swelling on his neck. Lovely bf took him to the vet and it turned out he had a nasty abscess - rubbish! So he had to have a mini operation to drain it (eeeeeeew) and is now a very groggy kitty. He's home (yay!) but looks very odd - a big patch of fur was shaved off and he's got a big grumpy face on! But still, he's home and on the mend, phew:) 

On the plus side, I was rocking probably the best nails ever, which cheered me up a tad whenever I looked at them - Cath Kidson-esque rose nails!


Please excuse the dreadful clean up, I totally missed a huge patch!

 I used my newest polish, Shade 15 by 2True, a stunning baby blue, and a random mini Accessorize pink to compliment it. The roses were made using a blob of Barry M White and Models Own Pink Blush, mixed together with a cocktail stick. The stripes and dots were made with my Models Own nail art pen. 


I'm off to snuggle Smokey lol:)