Monday, 8 July 2013

Silver nails with neon bows

Ahhhh; the sun is shining, my nails are shining (current glitter mani!) and I have a small (promise) glass of wine in my hand as I sit outside reading:) Bliss.

This manicure is one from a few weeks back that I forgot to post; I'm getting scatty peeps, or maybe it's all this wine in the sunshine?

Anyways, here it is......



I only have 3 polishes that I've almost finished; Barry M Berry Ice Cream (the perfect Lilac), Accessorize Electric Purple (it's a bright purple, need I explain more?) and this; Silver Multi Glitter by Barry M. It's just perfect; silver glitter with teeny tiny adorable specks of red glitter, so dense it covers in three coats and just stunning!!!

I'm off back to my wine.......wait, it's almost empty! I'm going to blame Boo the cat, it couldn't possibly have been me lol.

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