Monday, 29 July 2013

Nom nom nom, strawberry nails.

Wow, what a day; beautiful sunshine, torrential rain, then sunshine again - confused much? The kitties and I have been hibernating indoors today, beginning to pack ready for the big trip this Saturday - Peru and Argentina here we come! 

(Lol - have just read that paragraph and realised that it sounds like I'm going to Peru and Argentina with my cats! No so thankfully, not sure they'd be up for it).

So before the rain set in i was in a very summery frame of mind, and so tried my hand at a bit of nail art - strawberries, the fruit that means SUMMER!

These were shockingly easy, I used Pink Blush and Red Alert for the base colours, and then draw on leaves using Green Tea (all Models Own). Then I used my lovely nail art pens to add a bit of extra detail.

A bit of advanced warning - I know I'm not the most regular of bloggers: usually I only post a couple of times a week. This is mainly because, as much as I love polish and nail art, I have many other commitments to keep up with. Whilst I am away (three whole weeks of holiday!!!) I'm planning on scheduling posts, probably a couple a week still. If they don't work, please bear with me lol:)


  1. so cute, and very neat! I like the variation between pink and red too :-D x

    1. Thank you; the variation wasn't my idea, but I can't remember where I saw it lol:)