Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Posh Polish Pinkabloo swatch

Gaaaaaaaaaaah Tuesday, how the blooming heck did you creep up on me?!

Anyway, to bring a bit of sparkle to a dreary day, here's Pinkabloo, a glitter topper by Posh Polish, a brand that's been catching my eye a lot recently. Here I've painted one coat over Models Own In the Navy, a perennial favourite, due to it's easy application and stunning colour. 

Pinkabloo went on very easily for a glitter topper, I only had to dab in a couple of bits of glitter here and there, but on most nails it went on well and spread out perfectly. It's made up of pink, purple and teal hex glitter, with a bit of teal specks running through it. I'm not sure this base shows it to it's best advantage, but tbh, these photos don't help - it looks amazing in sunlight, but it wasn't forthcoming:( 

I'm definitely going to try this with other bases, I think it's really stunning, what do you think? Have you tried many Posh Polish polishes? 


  1. I must admit, I've not tried any Posh Polish, but I really like the colour combinations in Pinkabloo. And who can resist that name??

  2. They've consistently surprised me; I always think they're going to be rubbish, but I always like them:) You're right, the name is great:)