Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Swatch - Barry M Ruby Glitter

Hey hey peeps, hope you're all having a good Wednesday - half way through the week, woohoo! 

I'm recovering from a horrible tummy bug, have been off work today and yesterday, and I haven't had the energy to paint my nails. I'm feeling a bit better now, i.e. I can move without wanting to be sick, but still not up to painting, so I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to upload a swatch.

I wore this a few weeks ago, and a few of you eagle eyed people may notice that technically this isn't an untried; I did wear it a few months ago as you can see here. However, I wasn't entirely happy with that swatch, so thought I'd try it again. So here it is; Barry M Ruby Glitter take 2!




As you can see, it's a pretty awesome polish. It's a clear base filled with red hex glitter, black matt hex glitter and teeny, tiny specks of glitter. This is one coat, worn over Barry M Black, which I think really helped to show off the red hex glitter in the polish. It applies easily, although it helps to place some of the red glitter pieces to give a more even coverage. 

I have to say, unless you wear this over a very pale polish, the black glitter is a little bit pointless, as it is easily obscured. But I would definitely wear this combination again, it's a funky, gothic mix up:) Over and out peeps. 


  1. Ooh gosh that's pretty! Lovely swatch, and hope you feel better soon my dear <3

  2. Thank you, think it's better over black than grey:) Feeling much better now, almost feeling up to painting my nails:)